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That warm feeling
That warm feeling

Make this winter less wintery at Flame and Comfort. Wood, gas and electric, wood stoves and more. Come in today and light your imagination.

Sounds warm
Sounds warm

The warmth of home sounds like this.

Warm toes
Warm toes

Some things are meant to be chilled, others are not. Home or cottage a wood burning stove is the perfect way to warm up to chilling out.

Just Trust Us, Our Expertise Our Experience

We have the right products, the right infrastructure, and the right experts, to provide you with the care that your project or renovation deserves. We’re just an appointment away!

Meet Our Expert Staff

Dwayne Bennett


Renee Hill

Assisstant Manager

Jesse Allarie

System Advisor / Outside Sales

Kristine Dunlop

System Advisor
Our Customer Reviews
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Dave Turner
Happy Home Owner
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Carrie Steiniger
Happy Customer
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Chris Mayne
Happy Builder
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Samantha Lewis
Happy Distributor
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"The staff are very friendly and professional. Excellent overall experience."
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"Very knowledgeable, no waiting for people, lots of options. Pleased with results."
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"Good selection of products and 5 star service."
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"Beautiful showroom and had no idea they have such fab furniture. Will be back in the new year for the barstools and lounge chairs."
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